Why I'm Here

So many businesses invest heavily into their sales teams with resources, time and capital to try and maximise that most important of business needs – cash flow. 

All too often processes and training that promises much delivers far less than expected and often needed for the growth of the business and maybe even its continuation. 

So they rip out the old system and start over, with more large amounts of time, resources and capital – only to find that this one does not work either!

Years ago I noticed this happening more and more and it moved me to look more closely at what was happening. Seeing good businesses failing because of under performance made me want to step up and make a difference.

Our businesses are the life blood of our economy. If the life blood that runs through that economy is not healthy, then neither can the economy and the country be healthy.

It turns out that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with most sales and marketing processes. They are just processes. 

It is actually how people are using them. Without the confidence and willingness to action the processes in place, there is little point having them. 

It is like having a Ferrari in the garage but not being willing to turn the key and drive; an expensive whim that goes nowhere! 

And so after years of looking hard at this problem we have found 3 missing pieces of the sales jigsaw that are missing from just about every under-performing sales professional’s attitude and approach to your sales process.

But rather than get the missing pieces that complete the jigsaw, most organisations throw away the whole jigsaw and buy another (usually in the form of some long and expensive sales process training) only to find that this jigsaw has the same three pieces missing. 

So we asked ourselves “What if you as the client could get just the three missing pieces and start getting results you can see by next week?” Wouldn’t that be more satisfying?

By adding these 3 missing pieces you truly revitalise the effort and the results. It is hugely satisfying to see businesses race ahead when they are applied. It allows organisations to take back control and start determining your own success, with the ability to turn on the prospect tap whenever they want and land more quality profitable business on an ongoing basis.

Would significant growth in sales be a priority for your business?

About Bill James

Having gained a B.com degree in marketing Bill headed straight into sales and his passion has kept him there ever since. From National Sales Manager of an Insurance company at age 26 to running his own brokerage business, he believes that sales is the life blood of business and the key to keeping growth and progress on track.

“It is true you can become more efficient and cut costs, but it is profits through the door that releases the hand brake in any organisation.” 

He recognises the cogs in the sales machine – the people out there selling – as the key to winning. “If they are in the right head space with the right skills, you cannot stop them. If they are not then you have a real uphill battle on your hands.” 

A master at leveraging opportunities, he can multiply your existing marketing and catapult your sales teams efforts. Bill is a specialist on attracting new business through referrals, the creation of profitable business relationships and how to create an ethical sales process that fits within your team’s internal values – so they want to use it. 

 His simple and easy to understand presentation style inspires attendees to make a commitment to take action with what they have learnt and walk away with an “I can do this” attitude. 

As a humorous, authentic and content driven business speaker, facilitator and coach Bill inspires, educates and entertains his audiences throughout New Zealand and Australia. 

As a National Speakers Association CSP member, Bill was recognised by his peers as the New Zealand Business Speaker of the Year (2012-13) and was awarded the prestigious title of Speaker of the Year in (2015-2016).