Who I Help

I speak, but I’m no “motivational speaker”. Success is the best motivator I’ve found. So I simply show people how to be successful.

What sort of people?

1. Professionals who sell (but don’t really want to)

If you have, or are part of a team of financial planners, architects, accountants,   risk managers, lawyers, engineers, dentists, audiologists, optometrists or any other qualified professional and you would like to explore ways to getting more appointments without being ‘salesy’, without changing who you are and with your professional reputation intact, even enhanced – then that’s exactly what we have been helping professionals do for more than 15 years.
If your team is like many we have worked with, they may consider it’s not in their brief to have to sell. After all, there is rarely sales 101 in any qualification is there?

Add to this the idea of having to become a sales person is abhorrent. Now add on a dose of “I’ve got a PhD in audiology, surely they will come” and you have a problem.

You, as the person responsible for bringing revenue into the company, have to come to the realisation that credentials do not put appointments in diaries – but how do you do that in a way that is comfortable enough that it will be actioned – not just talked about?

The good news is that your team do not have to become ‘commission-breathed slobbering sales dogs’ to help increase the sales of your company. In fact, they can sell more without changing who they are at all.

That part of our programme is called “Selling from your comfort zone” – we were thinking of your team when we named it that.

2. SME & Franchise

There is a definite formula for lifting sales as a SME or franchise that is different from what works for corporates. It’s more immediate, more pragmatic, does not involve any theory you can’t apply, and gives you simple things you can learn today and implement tomorrow, without changing who you are.

Being technically excellent simply does not translate into sales success.

Many SME’s are founded from passion but can be a source of frustration when dreams are not achieved. The simple reality is that you have to generate sales to survive and thrive – that means having the cash flow to grow and the time to enjoy success with family.

Over the last 13 years I’ve seen franchise owners have this horrible moment of realization – when they’ve actually got to knock on a door. They are technically very good, but they didn’t sign on for sales. That is often why they bought a franchise in the first place but the reality is everyone has to sell something.

So what do they do? Probably the same thing as you;

  • Nothing.
  • Spend heaps on ‘marketing’ with little or no result.
  • Got sales training which felt good at the time, but it didn’t change the behaviour.

We have found and proven that they can sell as who they are and not have to change into that thing they dread – a sales person. Usually there are a few small tweaks that change a lot. For example, for a mechanics franchise recently we changed three things about the way mechanics answered the phones and sales were up 56% within 2 months. This is a typical result, not an one off.

What would a 56% increase in conversions mean to your SME or Franchise?

3. Corporate

Working in a corporate environment for a while you’ve probably seen all too many times a large organisation spending large chunks of money on training – only to see those results pilfer out once the spotlight of training is off them.

There are two key components missing.

You’ve probably seen a dozen sales processes. Don’t they all look very similar? Don’t we know it’s not the sales process that creates the result – but the people who use it?

The first missing piece is bringing the people to the process so they believe it will work and so they are willing to try it.

  • By aligning them with what they have to do we have increased take up of sales processes from as little as 40% to 85% with the obvious corresponding increase in sales.

Secondly, all too often the managers know the results they want – but are at a loss on how to get them.

So meetings involve hours going through numbers, while the energy and motivation (and ultimately sales) goes down – rather than focusing on the behaviours that will create the numbers.

What’s missing is accountability and sales managers who can coach. These vital skill sets are rarely taught and actioned. KPI’s are based on the outcomes and not the actions needed and managers have never been taught how to impart knowledge, enthusiasm and belief.

You don’t have to change everything. There is nothing broken in your business, you are trading after all. It just needs to go faster. So rather than spend crazy amounts of money on starting over when there’s nothing you need to start over how about investing in these three missing areas that are going to get you the large results.