Mark Trafford | General Manger | MAINTAIN TO PROFIT

Matthew Salmon | Director | Beesons Accountants Limited

“I gained a lot of confidence in myself and my approach to clients. My questions are more direct and I am uncovering needs in a much more structured approach. I am now spending 45 minutes where it used to be an hour and a half and I just do not seem to strike the usual objections or ‘hard to handle’ moments. I have done three ‘go ahead’ deals in the last month worth $50,000 that I attribute to the skills I learned during my day with Bill.” Simon Tansley // Designer // Mastercraft Kitchens

“Many have commented on the benefit they gained because they have something to take away from Conference and implement into their business. (Just what we wanted!!). One franchisee felt we should see the number of cars increase across the country due to the marketing ideas from your presentations.”  Melanie Harper // Director, Driving Miss Daisy NZ Ltd

“I think having the three “one hour blocks” with different key topics, worked extremely well and feedback has been extremely positive with the practical, hands on learning particularly useful. Already a number of people have told us they are implementing the ideas into their businesses!”Jack Harper // Director // Driving Miss Daisy NZ Ltd

I was extremely impressed with the hours you put in to understanding our business and how quickly you grasped its concepts. What you produced was always extremely well-tailored and relevant. Over two days the quiz show format kept everyone engaged and it is very obvious that you connected and affected every single person in the room.

I would like to tell you our results are much more robust now even though the farming industry (our clients) are in the worst drought in nearly 70 years. However, while our opposition are around 40% down on revenue, we are utilising your ideas and techniques we are at near half that. A good result in the circumstances and we are well positioned to turn this around when the weather changes. We are still acquiring new clients when others are losing theirs. All in all this is a result that I am more than pleased with and look forward to bringing you back to work with the team again. Richard Kay // Sales & Marketing Manager // Terracare

I felt your preparation and time spent with our franchisees leading up to our National Conference allowed you to understand our strengths in customer service, and provided a focus for your presentations on specific sales skills to help with the opportunities in our markets.


Your presentations were entertaining, thought provoking, catered for our varied skill levels within the company, and provided techniques our Franchisees could take away and use with their customers.  

Malcolm Taylor//Franchise Manager, Cookie Time Limited

I am most impressed with the outcome and the changes I have seen in our branch managers. The feedback has been positive and we hear them using the language and ideas of the day on an ongoing basis. Your different pitch has opened the opportunity for us to move from good to seriously great.


On the day you provided a clear message that all understood and accepted. Your facilitated approach to a group of passionate and committed managers was pitched in such a way that it encouraged them to consider some alternative thinking. It was engaging, at times demanding but delivered with the right balance so that it was never threatening. It has been a significant advance.  Mark Roberts // ALSCO NZ  // Group General Manager

After two months we have increased our conversion rate from call to appointment from 37% to 56%, a 51% increase which far exceeds our goal of 20%, and represents a return on investment on the training in the thousands of percent. “Les Seiler // Franchise Support Manager // Pit Stop Ltd  

In the 11 months after the conference, we have now achieved over 1,900 referrals sourced directly from the advisers themselves. 

When you came to do your presentation a couple of weeks ago, you will have seen over 30 referrals in just that 1 week alone. This has obviously made a significant difference to the amount of appointments and new business in 2013 to 2014.   Gavin Greaves // Director // Apex Advice Group

We have seen great referral results that have increased our sales 15% plus. It was instant — from the day they started using the referral ideas. Those that already used referrals are armed with new ideas and fresh enthusiasm. Others who tried it for the first time have seriously increased their production 100%! 

Billy Wilson, Sales Manager — Business Development // ORIX 

Our franchisees are very competent technically but, like so many other technical people, they are less confident in finding new business. You gave them all the tools they needed in a way that made them believe that they could action them easily and make them work. Even the ones with “you can’t help me” and “you had to be there” attitudes were drawn in. Your humour held them for a mammoth session and you had their attention right to the end… We are looking at ways of having you back to continue the good work you have started. David Dovey // Exceed Window Maintenance Ltd // General Manager

Bill’s techniques have helped me get over the fear of asking for referrals. I have asked 100% of my clients (which I would never have done before!) I have gained referrals from just over 50% of them. I converted 80% of these into sales. I anticipate that my client base will grow by 40% from referrals alone in the next year.  Kaushik Gorasia  // Consultant -Risk and Mortgages // Finance Direct  

As the organizer I never relax at the conference, wondering if it will succeed the way I want it to but I have to say the result was wonderful. I got exactly what I wanted. You engaged, educated and really helped them with new and relevant action plans.  John Mitchell // Head International Sales // Telecom

I have to say the customised in-house workshop was streets ahead of anything we’ve had in a large group setting and well worth the investment. I’d recommend it to anybody with a sales team that wants to have a concentrated day of tailored material that will bring real results. Ben Witty // National Sales Manager // Primepac

We engaged Bill to speak at our recent Franchisee Sales Conference. His philosophy of “keeping it real “ and challenging  Franchisees to adopt his  “ABC approach “ to selling was well received by the audience . A  great professional presentation containing simple everyday actions  that our Franchisees can use to generate more revenue. Mark Stevenson // Regional Sales Manager  // Fonterra Brands (New Zealand) Limited