More Ideas from Bill James ~ Issue 29 ~ November 2016


Video 1- Being Present

There is a simple action you can take that builds a depth of connection with your clients that you will not find in any training manual.

Video 2 – Practice

Sometimes the ideas we share sound great in theory but do they work well in practice. Listen to someone who uses these ideas and puts on 2-3 new clients a week.

Video 3- Giving Presents

Would you like to give your customers the sort of present that makes them appreciate you and feel loyal. Here are some ideas that go way beyond calendars and pens.

Client Comment

“I used just one of your ideas and obtained 6 referrals in an afternoon. On reporting back to the client a few weeks later another 6 referrals were provided. I have had to temporarily stop using your techniques because I have more referrals than I can get to! Thanks Bill “

Mike Saunders | Senior Advisor | Swain Woodham

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