How it works

Your business success depends on the performance and results of other people. You need to do everything you can to make sure every one is giving it their all. But people are people. They get disgruntled or discouraged. Performance drops below the level you need it to be for your profits and bottom line.

You invested in sales processes and tried the tired speeches about how their jobs depend on the company’s success, but honestly, they probably heard it all before. It is not happening! Something needs to change.

Most organisations throw away the whole jigsaw and buy another (a long and expensive process) only to find that this jigsaw has the same three pieces missing. By adding these pieces you can realise the benefit of all the effort, resources and investment that has already gone into your existing sales and marketing processes.

Imagine though, for a moment, a sales system that adds to the one you have, that does not frighten them, that is easy to implement and that they will WANT to use. That you could witness the sales team transform from ‘just doing their job’ into exceptional performers who land big contracts. A team that exceeds expectations every month because they feel confident about going out there and doing the business.

We focus on 3 Key Pieces for business generation –

  • Finding the business
  • Opening the door
  • Connecting for the sale

1. Flying Duck Marketing

Problem it solves: Finding more clients in an effective way that does not break the bank.

Indications you might need this: you’re hearing or saying: “I’m great once I’m in front of clients, but I just can’t find new clients”

“Man with mouth open waits a long time for fried duck to fly in.” Chinese proverb

By applying ‘Flying Duck Marketing’ you effectively have your hand on the tap that controls new business flow – Control your flow of prospects by doing the right things better and more often.

We are ‘off line’ marketing specialists. Nor do we work with “sit and wait” strategies such as ads, TV, and other mass-market campaigns, although the people centred approach that we advocate is also effective as a pull marketing base and has achieved great success when used online.

We proactively use proven systems to maximise corporate and personal marketing that leverage existing and past customers, recent connections and ongoing business relationships. All without risking any existing relationship.

It works on the following very basic foundational principals;

  • You have served your customers so well that you deserve their respect and support.
  • That everyone knows someone else.
  • That at some time everyone will need (or know someone that will need) what you have – all you have to do is be there at the right time with the right offer.

These foundations of leverage also have their own strong set of rules;

  • They are all no cost/low cost ideas that often only need investment once a new customer is found.
  • Usually you make them happen – as opposed to sit back and hope something will happen.
  • They are easily learned and can be actioned with minimal effort, repeatedly.

See what we offer in the way of delivery options.

Typical results:

  • 1.05 referrals gained from every 1 person asked*
  • Over 30 referrals in the first 4 weeks.
  • An increase of 760% in leads from a trade show (from 438 to over 3800).
  • A simple sausage sizzle that boosted business over 23% in 6 months.
  • Stopping one form of marketing that created $6000 and reusing the funds to generate over $200,000.
  • Adding 16% to a building company simply using photo’s.
  • Increasing sales in a professional group by 21% while decreasing cost of acquisition.

*based on our internal tracking of client results.

2. Low Logic Approach

Low Logic Approach is about answering: “how do I pick up the phone and secure a meeting without sounding cheesy and going into a cold sweat.”

Equally, it is about answering: “how can the connection go from ‘hello’ to ‘let’s get together’?”

We call this Low Logic, because:

  • You do not activate the “sales shutters” that come up when people feel they are ‘being sold.’
  • It preserves your reputation as a professional
  • It is comfortable for both you to ask, and them to respond
  • It gets a “that makes sense” response from a rational listener – a “fair enough” response from an emotive listener.

Some results: Turn a ratio of 1 in 60 successful sales calls to 1 in 4 or convert over half your cold calls into a positive response – like an appointment!

3. Selling from the comfort zone

Indications you might need this:Sales professionals that have become order takers and not converting enough sales.

Problem we help you solve:“They loved what we presented but when I asked for the order, they said…‘we’ll think about it.’”

Where I’ve found people in sales typically hamper their probability of closing most is in the first 3 minutes of the sales conversation. That’s because people make a decision about you in seconds. Once they have set that up in their minds, everything you say and do goes through that frame of reference, and is seen in a good or bad light.

By handling the first three minutes correctly – you;

  • Get far less objections because you don’t get them in the first place.
  • Gain permission to ask almost any question you want
  • Gain permission to stop the pretence and be your imperfect self
  • Have the other person actually trust you.
  • Walk with your customer instead of trying to push them on a route you choose – all the way to the completion of the business.

See what we offer in the way of delivery options.

The 4th Piece - The rest of the sales process

Problem we help you solve:The need to have a sales process that people are willing and able to use effectively

Indications you might need this:“But that does not work for me.”

Most companies already have some sort of consultative selling process in place. In truth most sales professionals know how to sell – they just would prefer not to have to.

The process (and most training for that matter) is written by a sales Superman who has achieved amazing things and delivered to people far more like Clark Kent. They say things like;

“That is OK for him he has the gift of the gab” or “I could never do that. My clients would not like it”

What they are really saying is “I am not comfortable doing this – so I am not going to”. And they don’t. Even when they promise they will to you, they do not do it once you have left the room.

The core of ‘Selling from the Comfort Zone’ is that we align who they are with what they have to do. We hear things like “oh, that doesn’t seem like selling. I don’t mind doing that”.

Once the team becomes comfortable with having to sell and your process, we make great progress. No matter whether we are working on objections or closing, the results come quickly. In this way we add the missing pieces to your existing sales process to gain fast measurable gains.

See what we offer in the way of delivery options.

Typical Results

  • 23-68% improvement in closing ratios
  • Increase in number of sales team effectively using an existing sales process increased from 40% to 85%

Our Frame work – The 3 Piece Methodology

Nothing works without a structured approach and we are no exception. We ‘KICK’ things into action by implementing the following formula;

K – Knowledge. You have to know what to do.

I – Intent. We focus on those who have the intent on taking the action to build their business and help others on the program do the same. This is NOT for everyone.

C – Coaching. Training is failing because knowledge is not enough on its own. We need to understand how to apply the knowledge to our situation successfully. The collective knowledge of the group is both enlightening and inspiring.

K – Kindred Accountability. Human nature says we all need encouragement or we go off target and peer responsibility is one of the best ways to achieve this. A room full of people that care if you succeed checking in with you every week.