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By adding these three missing pieces we turn frustration into elation and inaction into traction.

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Why I’m here

So many businesses invest heavily into their sales teams with resources, time and capital to try and maximise that most important of business needs – cash flow
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Who I Help

1. Professionals who sell (but don’t really want to)
2. SME & Franchise
3. Corporate

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How It Works

Your business success depends on the performance and results of other people. You need to do everything you can to make sure every one is giving it their all.
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What We Offer

Ask yourself; does any of the following sound familiar?

Motivates and upskills average sales professionals into game-changers able to flick the “buy” switch to land new customers and fantastic deals.

Customers become loyal, raving fans who tell all their friends about you.

Growth charts become beautiful, with steep, smooth, upward curves.
Turns existing sales processes into cutting edge business generation systems.
Team leaders get to lead successful motivated teams

If you answered yes to any of the above contact me now!

3 Piece Sales - Introduction

What Client's Say

I am most impressed with the outcome and the changes I have seen in our branch managers. The feedback has been positive and we hear them using the language and ideas of the day on an ongoing basis. Your different pitch has opened the opportunity for us to move from good to seriously great.

On the day you provided a clear message that all understood and accepted. Your facilitated approach to a group of passionate and committed managers was pitched in such a way that it encouraged them to consider some alternative thinking. It was engaging, at times demanding but delivered with the right balance so that it was never threatening. It has been a significant advance.


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